July 13th, 2008


HO HO HO! Look Alive, Flisties. They Is At It AGAIN.

Fangirls, let's talk.  

I don't mind y'all havin' birthdays.  I really don't.  I think birthdays are fine, and they're a completely natural bodily function.  But MUST YOU INSIST ON HAVING THEM SO CLOSE TOGETHER?

I mean, I remember January/February being a bit of a shitstorm of whoopery and balloon-waving, but this right here?  This weekend?  *eyes

kayto1andriverbellasuspiciously*  This is just the stuff of which consipiracies are made.  I am trying to finish my spn_summergen fic, and then TK needs ZOMBIES, and I don't KNOW much about zombies, apart from the fact that his mother is one and she seems lovely... point being, I have a lot of things I should be doing besides what I've ended up doing this weekend.  And it is the fault of you two bitches.  Plain and simple. 

In short, fuck you both.  In the nicest possible way.  *cheshire cats you*

Oh. And also, stay tuned.  I need maybe a day or so. 

Today's picspam is brought to you by the Dragons and special guest starkimonkey7.  Pick her line for your chance to win abso-fucking-lutely nothing.



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FIC: His Exceptions to the Rule 1/1

Title: His Exceptions to the Rule 1/1
Author: pdragon76 
Rating: R (normal sailor-mouth shenanigans, explicit drug use, whump)
Genre: Gen
Characters: Dean, Sam, mentions of JDub
Spoilers: Season One, set between Bloody Mary & Skin
Disclaimer: It’s Kripke’s world, we’re all just living in it. *snaps fingers, points*
Summary: Sometimes the echo off the hills is louder than the shot.
A/N#1: Shameless, unabashed Dean!whump. Delivered with love and in honor of this weekend’s birthday fangirls, kayto1 and riverbella . You guys have been around since the very lj-start for a Dragons, and I think you're both the bomb. *smishes you guys* She’s a three-day gig, gals, so it’s a little rough and ready. But I hope you enjoy.
A/N#2: Beta’d by the Whump Chef D’equipe herself, kimonkey7 . Poked, prodded and taste-tested by the ever-lovely chocca2 . Thanks guys, you keep me relatively honest, which is so much more fun than medically accurate. *titters into fist*

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